Siaya Muungano Network (SIMUN) is a youth led women’s right and youth development organization working as a Community-Based Organisation (CBO), not-for-profit and mainly dedicated to ensuring women and youth voices are amplified in spheres of development, governance and decision making from the community to county level.

Siaya Muungano Network was registered on 12th July 2013 under the laws of
Kenya as a Community-Based Organisation in the department of social services with registration number- SC/SYA/TW/CBO/0012. It focuses on advocacy, building women and youth movements at the grass root, facilitating community forums and discussions in various spheres of development and public participation, budget advocacy and accountability and championing for women inclusion in decision making and governance.

The organisation believes in working with marginalized groups in the society; those who are disturbed by the character of mainstream processes that elude the comprehension of most people. The formation of Siaya Muungano Network was driven by the need to implement vibrant programs that would impact the greatest change in the lives of communities and their organized structures in Siaya county and its neighborhood based on relationships which capitalize on the use of alternative strategies in order to build a just society.

The organisation main goal is to support simple community efforts in order to build a sustaining society and to raise the competency of community institutions and their representatives in advancing people’s voices and inclusion.


Values I Objectives I Vision I Mission

  • Diversity & Inclusivity: As organisation, we live and work to eliminate all forms of discrimination, gender disparities and promote inclusion and rights-based approach in development.
  •  Transparency and Accountability: Siaya Muungano Network shall always be accountable to our membership, staff, communities and partners. We promote openness and look into ourselves and learn from ourselves.
  •  People driven Development: Siaya Muungano Network always aims at undertaking interventions that are premised in the interests of the community and the target group. This is because, the organisation believes that the society is capable of changing their own lives when effectively engaged.
  •  Results oriented: We are committed and determined to changing the status of the people in the community so that they live a better and sustaining life.
  •  Partnership and collaboration: Siaya Muungano Network acknowledge and recognize the roles played by other partners and Government Institutions. As an organisation, we believe that partnership is critical in sustaining all that we do from the grassroot level, county level, national and even international
  • To promote women and youth entrepreneurship, create linkage with stakeholders and mobilize support for the young women and youth entrepreneurs.
  • To conduct civic education on human rights-based issues, gender related issues and governance in the community
  • To champion for the voice of women in decision making and leadership spaces in the community, county and national level.
  • To advocate for access to reproductive healthcare rights and services for adolescent girls, boys and young women
  • To promote and build networks and linkages with organizations, government structures, private sector and community groups that are working towards ensuring positive livelihoods for the community and strengthen spaces for young women and youth voices
  • Work with community especially women and youth to advocate for adoption of sustainable initiatives that contribute to environmental conservation and climate change mitigation and adaptation.
A society where women and youth live in dignity, enjoy equal rights and influence decisions on the change they desire in their lives and those of their community  -VISION
To amplify women and youth voices to promote social justice and challenge inequalities in our community -MISSION