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A society where women and youth live in dignity to enjoy equal rights and influence decisions on the change they desire in their lives and community.


To amplify women and youth voices to promote social justice and challenge inequalities in our community.


♦Equity and justice  Transparency and accountability ♦Teamwork Diversity and inclusion ♦Innovativeness Professionalism


We advocate for the untapped potential of women and youth, emphasizing a systems change approach. By empowering them through social groups, we enhance capacity, challenge systems, engage in policies, and access opportunities.


Good Governance, Budget Accountability and Public Participation:

We promote the participation and inclusion of women and youth in development discussions and spaces.

Climate Justice, Environment and Natural Resource Conservation:

We promote and strengthen innovations that conserve the environment and amplify voices of women and youth in climate change response in realization of climate justice.

Gender Equality



Promote full and effective participation of women in decision making at all levels and to contribute to a society in which the structural barriers to participation of the women are eliminated and the women aspirations captured as equal partners in development

Sexual Reproductive

Health Rights:


We advocate for access to sexual reproductive health rights and services for young women, adolescent girls and boys

Economic Empowerment and


We equip women and youth with information, skills and capacity to harness opportunities for the attainment of socio-economic rights and realization of decent work


Power to Youth

PWD Inclusion and Empowerment (PIE)

Women Voices in Climate Action and Governance


This is a 5yrs project supported by the Dutch Embassy in Kenya through Amref Health Africa and NAYA Kenya. The project interventions focus on empowerment of Adolescent girls and young women from underserved communities to claim their rights, address inequalities, challenge social norms and advocate for inclusive decision making on issues affecting them.

This is a 2 years project supported by We Are Purposeful under the With and for Girls Fund. Through this project we directly engage with Adolescent Girls and Young Women with Disability to ensure they gain equal skills, capacity and access information that promote realization of their SRH rights in the community.

This is a 5 year project supported by Akina Mama Wa Afrika. The project aims to strengthen and advocate for women involvement in climate actions and environmental governance in Siaya County with a broader goal being Women in the grass roots are able to claim their rights, address inequalities and advocate for inclusive decision making in climate actions plans and platforms in Siaya County

Adolescent Girls Power Program

Rebuilding Widows Hopes for descent work in Siaya


This is a 2 years 6 months project supported by Children’s Rights and Violence Prevention Fund (CRVPF) implemented by Siaya Muungano Network, Stawisha Africa Initiative and Siaya Young Women Alliance. The project works with over 350 young mothers under 24 years old in and out of school to build their power and consciousness to speak and prevent gender based violence from the household to the community level. The project also aims at creating opportunities for livelihoods support for the teen mothers to reduce their vulnerability to different vices within the community.

This is a one year project supported by Voice. It targets young widows who have become vulnerable to new and different forms of economic exploitation and violence especially on land, access to employment opportunities and property rights. The project therefore seeks to increase and strengthen widows bargaining power to challenge the existing inequalities and human rights violations they undergo in our community, in Siaya County. This will give them the opportunity and platform for understanding their rights, mechanisms to address rights violations and explore opportunities for economic empowerment and income generation to support their house holds.

The Challenge Initiative Project

She Deserves Her Rights and Skills

Uchumi Huru 

The project aims at increasing uptake of family planning by creating sustained demand and supply for family planning and AYSRH services in Siaya County. It focuses on influencing the prioritization of an investment in AYSRH and FP for young people. This project is being implemented in partnership with Youth Alive! Kenya as the lead organization.

This is a 12 months project supported by the French Embassy in Kenya under PISCCA Decid’Her. The project aims to increase adolescent girls’ and young women’s knowledge on SRHR and related life skills to prevent gender based violence against women and girls in Siaya.

This is a 12 months project supported by African Women Development Fund(AWDF). The project aims to assess the experiences of women small traders in Siaya on taxation, their involvement in taxation planning and the impact to their businesses. The result of this project informs advocacy for tax justice for women small traders.


Strengthening Women Voices in Governance

Mjane ana Haki Project

This was a 2 year projected supported by Uraia Trust under Women Voices and Leadership project by Global Affairs Canada. The project sought to strengthen the capacity of Siaya Muungano Network as a women right organization in Siaya to grow into a strong institution that advocates for women’s voices and agenda in Siaya County. The project aimed at addressing main issues of organizational and institutional capacity in the organization that have a huge bearing on the development agenda of Siaya County. The goal of the project was to “Contribute to enjoyment of human rights by women & girls and enjoyment of gender equality in Siaya County by 2022

This was a 6 month rapid response project supported by Urgent Action Fund. The project sought to address the increasing widows’ rights violations in Alego Usonga and extreme form of discrimination against widows, linked to harmful gender norms which continuously accelerates gender inequalities and limits opportunities for widows to realize their full rights and potential to socio-economically empower themselves and take care of their children.

Our Partners

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As an organization, we believe that partnership is critical in sustaining all that we do from the grassroot level, county level, national and even international.


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