Our Approach

As an organization we believe that women and youth have untapped potential to solve their most pressing challenges in our community and country. Our systems change approach is premised in amplifying the voices of women, adolescent girls and youth by providing them with opportunities for realization of economic and social rights. This means empowering women, Adolescent Girls, Youth through their social groups and societies to strengthen their capacity to challenge systems; meaningfully engage in policy processes; access services and tap into opportunities for realization of social and economic rights.

Our Models

Husika Dada Initiative

Power Analysis Model

This model adopts the parliamentary structure to organize and build the agency of young women and adolescent girls in and out of school to respond to emerging challenges and experiences they encounter at the community level. The members engage with both existing community structures and state actors to influence the desired change on matters of women participation and leadership, sexual and gender based violence and economic empowerment 

This model focuses into power dynamics in the daily lives of the girls and young women we support. Examining who, what, and how power operates in their ordinary experiences, the model sparks conversations on building their empowerment. By adopting five engagement tools—girls and power, girls and their bodies, girls and their spaces, girls and money, and girls and confidence—it offers a framework to reshape their reality and foster positive change.

Right holders Led Advocacy

Do It Yourself

We mobilize and organize community especially women, adolescent girls and youth to be at the center of influencing and following up the change they need at the community, county and national level.

Through this model girls and young women are trained, mentored and undergo coaching sessions on short module vocational skills for decent jobs that contributes to the realization of SDG 8.

Our Scope of Work 

Working with women and adolescent girls

Environment and Climate Justice

We mobilize and organize community especially women, adolescent girls and youth to be at the center of influencing and following up the change they need at the community, county and national level.

We engage women to advocate for gender justice in Climate action through feminist and intersectionality approaches. We also engage the women in co-creation exercises for locally led climate adaptation solutions that can be scaled and are sustainable.

Working with youth

Skills Development and Mentorship

Our interventions with youth are aimed at enhancing their voices and capacity to influence decisions and plans targeting young people and also building them to become responsible citizens through information sharing and skills development.

We ensure empowerment of women and youth with information, skills and capacity to harness opportunities for the attainment of their socio-economic rights and realization of decent work.

Strengthening Health Systems and Reproductive Health Advocacy

We advocate for adequate health financing for better services especially reproductive health services targeting women, adolescent girls and youth. This approach involved budget analysis, budget advocacy, social accountability and stakeholder engagement in the health sector of improved services.

Our activities also focus on accelerating uptake of health services especially reproductive health services such as family planning, antenatal and postnatal services for young women and adolescent girls, psychosocial support services among others.

Our Strengths 

In the past 5 years we have built strong partnerships with both government and non state actors working in and out of Siaya, and we have joined more than 15 networks.

We have strongly utilized existing structures in our implementation areas to mobilize and organize community members to undertake joint actions, engage with service providers and co-create sustainable solutions to the challenges they experience at the community level

We engage at the smallest community unit which is at the household level. This provides us with an opportunity to relate with the least reached community members at the grassroot and get real time data and information on emerging issues in the community.

We advocate for youth, women, adolescent girls, PWDs and young mothers issues at the sub-national level. We have strengthened the agency of our target group to demand for better services and good governance.

We have continuously facilitated stakeholder engagement to address emerging community needs and provide feedback on the progress of our work.

Our recent social media analytics indicates that we’ve reached more than 20,000 target audience across all our social media platforms.

We have worked closely with the community radio stations to create public awareness and build community support for realization of economic and social rights.