PWD inclusion in and empowerment (Current Project)

PWD inclusion in SRHR project is supported by We are Purposeful under With and for Girls Fund. The project seeks to provide women and girls with disabilities with information on SRHR including menstruation and incorporate economic empowerment through training and provision of linkages to AGYWD. Some of the hands on skills training include soap making, crotchet, pottery and jewelry making.

Adolescent Girls Power Project (Current Project)

This project is supported by Children’s Rights and Violence Prevention Fund aiming at supporting adolescent girls to transform and change the structures that deny them choice and power. This project is implemented in Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Kenya. In Siaya County it is implemented by Siaya Muungano Network, Stawisha Africa and Siaya Young Women Alliance working in partnership based of joint support from CRVPF.

This project’s core strategic objectives are to create safe spaces and supportive environments for girls, strengthen the adolescent girl’s power and Transform the root causes of violence against girls.