Vocational Skills; Economic empowerment. (Current Project)

Through an initiative called Husika dada – a space for women especially young women to consolidate and discuss emerging issues that affect women in health, participation and livelihood- we support training of adolescent girls and young women in soap making, mart making/weaving, knitting and other handcraft practices such as earing making.

PWD inclusion in and empowerment (Current Project)

PWD inclusion in SRHR project is supported by We are Purposeful under With and for Girls Fund. The project seeks to provide women and girls with disabilities with information on SRHR including menstruation and incorporate economic empowerment through training and provision of linkages to AGYWD. Some of the hands on skills training include soap making, crotchet, pottery and jewelry making.

Adolescent Girls Power Project (Current Project)

This project is supported by Children’s Rights and Violence Prevention Fund aiming at supporting adolescent girls to transform and change the structures that deny them choice and power. This project is implemented in Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Kenya. In Siaya County it is implemented by Siaya Muungano Network, Stawisha Africa and Siaya Young Women Alliance working in partnership based of joint support from CRVPF.

This project’s core strategic objectives are to create safe spaces and supportive environments for girls, strengthen the adolescent girl’s power and Transform the root causes of violence against girls.

Women Voices in Climate Action and Governance (CURRENT PROJECT)

Women Voices in climate action and Governance project in Siaya County is a project supported by Akina Mama wa Africa organisation in Uganda. The project which runs from January 2022 to November 2022, aims to strengthen and advocate for women involvement in climate actions and environmental governance in Siaya County with a broader goal being Women in the grass roots are able to claim their rights, address inequalities and advocate for inclusive decision making in climate actions plans and platforms in Siaya County.

Project objectives

Objective 1: To empower women and build their capacities to demand for gender responsive climate actions, budgets, policies and plans in Siaya County by 2022

Objective 2: To build collaborative frameworks and feedback mechanism on climate and gender issues between the county government of Siaya and the grass root women in Siaya County

The project targets to work with Individual rural women & women in self-help groups at the community.

Implementation areas of the project include Ugunja, Gem and Alego Usonga sub-counties and specifically in North Alego ward, Township ward, South East Ward, West Gem ward, South Gem ward, Sigomre and Ugunja wards.

Power to Youth (CURRENT PROJECT)

The intervention focus on empowerment of Adolescents, girls, young women from underserved communities ensuring they are meaningfully included in all decision-making processes and levels regarding Harmful Practices, unintended pregnancies, Sexual and Gender Based violence that will be addressed through, lobby and advocacy, linking and learning, and capacity strengthening.

Strengthening Women Voices in Governance

Strengthening Women Voice’s in Governance project seeks to strengthen the capacity of the Siaya Muungano Network as a women right organisation in Siaya to grow in to a strong institution that advocates for women voice and agenda in Siaya County and build the capacity of young women in leadership skills and organisation management to expand spaces for women agenda in Siaya County. Through the project young women will have the opportunity to gain skills in leadership, feminism application in development approaches, policy analysis and advocacy in relation to women rights and also the organisation will grow into a strong women agenda platform in Siaya County.

Mjane anahaki (PAST PROJECT)

Siaya Muungano Network with support from Urgent Action Fund implemented the Increasing civic knowledge for widows on access to land and property rights to reduce gender- based violence amongst widows in Alego Usonga Sub-County, Siaya county project between January 2022 to March 2022. The rapid response project aimed at increasing civic knowledge and awareness of widows on their rights to land and property access to reduce gender- based violence among widows in Alego-Usonga Sub-County.

The project was implemented in Alego Usonga Sub-County targeted widows and the local administration (chiefs, assistant chiefs, village administrators) as the main target groups and worked the office of county commissioner, existing civil society networks and women rights organisations in Siaya, existing women networks and women social movements to advance its interventions and realize the intended results.